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Minibuses With Wheelchair Accessibility

We specialise in the construction of completely bespoke wheel chair accessible minibuses, no matter the number of seats you need or the features which are required, we will make sure to go that extra mile to provide you with something that suits your every need!

No matter whether you looking for a Ford, Iveco, Mercedes, LDV or Volkswagen vehicle we are sure to have something which can match your requirements. We are one of the largest suppliers of wheelchair accessible minibuses in the UK so you rest assured knowing you will get the vehicle you need! Alongside all of this we appreciate that the transportation of the less able is now a very important requirement and something which needs a lot of thought!

If you are interested in the vehicles that we can supply simply get in contact with one of the team, they will be able to provide you with more detail about the wide range of vehicles that we can provide. This website also shows an up to date stock of the vehicles which are currently available here.

Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses