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A Range of Iveco Minibuses for Sale

Here at we stock a great variety of Iveco minibuses and vans which are available at affordable prices for companies and individuals!

Iveco are well known for their outstanding reliability and sturdiness which is why the Iveco Daily, 1 of a number of Iveco minibuses we sell, is engineered for peak performance in all conditions. Available with a range of different features this vehicle will cover any type of transport needed, whether you expect to travel with passengers or require plenty of storage space.

In termsĀ of performance and safety, the Iveco Daily is impressive to say the least. Its rigid structure and front and rear disk breaking feature provides assurance that passengers will be able to feel safe in all conditions.

Comfort and innovative design make this minibus one of the most popular on the market. The Iveco Daily is available with rear single or twinned wheels and rear door access for ease of loading and offloading.

Are you uninterested in the Iveco Daily? Our range of Iveco minibuses and covers cover many other Iveco models which you can view here or at our showroom in Colne.

Iveco Minibus for Sale