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Stunning 12 Seated Minibuses for Sale

We have a range of minibuses available with an assortment of seat numbers, including 12 seater minibuses. Our 12 seat minibuses are perfect for taking small groups of passengers to and from a location, as well as providing plenty of space for luggage in the load compartment.

Our 12 seater minibus for sale provide seating for the driver as well as 11 passengers, including many features depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle such as Ford, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz. If you require more seats than 12, we currently have the following seat allocations available:

If you require more seats, we can speak to our mechanics that may be able to install more seating depending on the size of the vehicle you choose.

We have plenty of 12 seat minibus for sale so get in touch with us today to find out more!